Food Safety Focus

Lisa Jo Lupo with Nolan Ryan in a plant that processes Nolan Ryan Meats.

Lisa Jo Lupo with Nolan Ryan in a plant that processes Nolan Ryan Meats.

Lisa Jo Lupo has more than 25 years experience writing for the food industries, with a primary emphasis on food safety. Through her communications, Lisa has become recognized and gained a following for her food safety knowledge, which continues to grow through research, training, writing, and speaking engagements.

Lisa began her food safety career as the lead writer for the then newly formed Ecolab Pest Elimination division. Her communications to and about foodservice, hospitality, and food processing helped to build it to what is now a $329 million division. With pests implicated as basic transmitters of foodborne disease bacteria, Lisa’s communications focused strongly on prevention and other food safety guidance and recommendations.

In her 13 years with this company, Lisa was privy to back-of-the-house workings of fast-food and full-service restaurants, international hotel chains, and regional and national food and beverage manufacturing plants. With this background, she co-developed and wrote a food safety partnership program for major hotel chains; produced technical food safety publications; developed and conducted training seminars; and wrote the manual for service to these food providers.

In Lisa’s subsequent independent writing business, she continued to produce such publications, authored columns, developed training scripts, edited books, and began what was to become her primary passion — exposing the truths and mistruths of food safety.

Today, Lisa champions her role as a leading voice of quality assurance and food safety for the food industry as an independent food safety/science writer for various companies and associations, developer and principal of Food Safety for Consumers, and editor and lead writer of Quality Assurance & Food Safety magazine. She has spoken on food quality and safety at such industry-leading events as the Food Safety Summit and the Sigma Xi Science Society Food Safety Symposium.

Food Safety Experience

  • QA (Quality Assurance & Food Safety). Editor and feature writer on all aspects of quality and safety in the food processing industry, including the manufacturing process; contamination prevention and control; allergen management; foodborne bacteria and disease; and sanitation strategies for food safety. (2004-present)
  • Sigma Xi Science Society Food Safety Symposium. Speaker on “Best Practices of Food Industry Leaders and the Challenge to Science.” A first-person look behind the scenes of major food manufacturers, focused on the role of quality assurance in food safety, how the industry is striving to address its unique challenges, and the role science can play in the effort. (2010)
  • Food Safety Summit. Speaker. Panel session on sanitation aspects of food safety in the food supply chain. (2009)
  • Behind-the-Scenes Manufacturing Visits (35+) – Gained significant knowledge about the practices and processes of leading food manufacturers through extended interviews, plant tours at the food processing plants of more than 30 leading companies including Jack Daniel’s, Dippin’ Dots, Tabasco, Chiquita/Fresh Express, MillerCoors, Chef Paul/Magic Seasoning Blends, Green Giant, McCormick & Co., Phillips Foods, U.S. Foodservice and Just Born (Easter Peeps). (2005-present)
  • Copesan University. Writer. Online training seminars for various pest management topics, including the impact on food safety. (2007-2008)
  • Food Safety Solutions. Featured writer for sanitation/pest management column. (2007-2008)
  • Ecolab’s “The Monitor.” Writer/Publisher. Developed and produced this quarterly newsletter to educate food processing companies on pest management and food safety. (1986-1998, 2004-2009)
  • Customer Partnership Pest Elimination Food and Beverage Training Guide. Development collaborator and lead writer for presentation and food safety/pest management program for major hotel chain. (1996)

Food Safety Speaking Engagements

  • Food Safety and Regulatory Challenges in the Emerging Food Segment of Cannabis Edibles.
    Southern California Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting, 2015.
  • The Impact of Food Industry Trends on Commercial Pest Control.
    Syngenta Global Conference. 2014.
  • Consumers Drive Trends in Food Processing.
    Griffin Pest Management & Food Safety Conference. 2014
  • Best Practices of Food Industry Leaders and the Challenge to Science.
    Sigma Xi Science Society Food Safety Symposium. 2010.
  • Sanitation Aspects of Food Safety. (Panel Moderator)
    Food Safety Summit. 2009

Food Safety Training/Continuing Education

  • Food Safety Summit. 2006-present
  • International Association of Food Protection Annual Meetings. 2006-present
  • Food Manufactuing and Safety Forum, 2013
  • PAACO/AMI Meat Plant Welfare Auditor Training Course. 2009
  • Worldwide Food Expo. 1995-201o
  • National Restaurant Association Expo and Seminars.
  • Pest Management Training. 1986-present

Other Associations

  • ASBPE Twin Cities Chapter. Past President.
  • ASBPE Cleveland Chapter. Officer
  • ASBPE Azbee Awards Competition for Editorial Excellence. Judge.
  • TABPI Editorial and Design Awards Competition. Judge.
  • The Ohio State University Alumni Association. Member.
  • LinkedIn Food Safety groups. Member.
  • Business Growth Experience. Advisory Board Member.

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